About Blueyes

Blueyes is an Israeli company with strong passion and expertise in consumer health market over the last decade.

Its core strategy is based on bringing advanced and truly innovative products, and helping them grow into strong, recognized brands. 

Blueyes holds 2 separate divisions in the consumer health market: Optic and Pharma.

The Optic division is managed in the conservative way where Blueyes holds in house all the sales, marketing, logistics and distribution.

In the Pharma division Blueyes developed a new model called 'ParmaHub' where it holds 6 different local distributors, each of them has its owns specialty in the health world and able to build strong and dominant brands in the local market.

Each of Blueyes divisions represents leading companies and brands, which bring innovation and outstanding quality to a growing market with great potential. Our key goal is to create, revitalize and care for the brands we represent, with solutions for all points of connection with our customers as well as end consumers.

Currently, Blueyes continue to track international companies for new and fast growing segments, with the objective of creating partnerships that will introduce new brands to an innovation-hungry, open-minded markets in Israel.

בלואייז בע''מ, רחוב ברקת 9, פתח תקווה 4934829. טל. 03-5329557 פקס. 03-5329593